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DevOps has made great strides in reducing bottlenecks in software development and deployment processes.​ A big part of DevOps is transparency about outcomes of a SW delivery process. One toolset to get that done is called Value Stream Management. However, it is – or it is not – surprising how many companies separate their DevOps projects and toolchains from the established implementations and systems for IT service management (ITSM) such as ServiceNow, Remedy, HP SM and others. 
As a result of that is has become a challenge for the teams to manage features, user stories and IT service requests across various tools keep a track record of how the status of diverse tickets is evolving during the flow of release from dev to production.
In the lecture you will learn about methods and procedures, such as:

  • What is Value Stream Management, what are the benefits and what you need to do make use of it
  • Integration of IT service ticketing into your CI/CD pipeline
  • Combine user stories, changes and ITSM tickets to successfully automate the tracking of code-to-production workflows
  • Being able to live up to the paradigm of DevOps "Automate all the things" and "Everything as Code" and to automate all manual ticket updates (which every DevOps engineer would like to avoid)
  • Stay compliant by realizing an automated software (CI/CD) chain of custody for a successful audit without any manual work
  • Get meaningful Metrics and DevOps KPIs out of your toolchain to feed into your Value Stream Management

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