DevOps Transformation Day

The DevOps Transformation Day

By joining DevOpsCon’s Transformation Day, you’ll get a comprehensive insight into all the necessary aspects to make a DevOps transformation in your organization successful. As many DevOps efforts struggle with developing an appropriate company culture, DevOpsCon’s Transformation Day focuses on become more agile, as an entire organization. You will not only get valuable insights into many theoretical aspects of a DevOps transformation, but you’ll learn by practical examples how to encourage a sustainable culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing.


We are still working on the program of the DevOpsCon Transformation Day 2022 in London, please stay tuned!


We are still working on the program of the DevOpsCon Transformation Day in Berlin. 

As reference, please see the program of the DevOpsCon Munich below. 

The dirty secret about “DevOps culture”

Interview with Paul Reed:

DevOps has gone through many phases so far but its transformation is not yet completed. DevOpsCon speaker Paul Reed tells us that many companies have embraced DevOps and, if we look closely enough, we will discover that we can apply aspects from humanity’s other “operational” efforts to DevOps.

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Transformation Day 2022 Program in London

Program of the Transformation Day 2021 in Berlin

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DevOps Anecdotes

Fabian Basciani, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Program of the Transformation Day 2021 in New York

Program of the Transformation Day 2021 in Munich

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Wrap-up Transformation Day

Garima Bajpai, capital carbon consulting
Helen Beal, DevOps Institute
Matteo Emili, Avanade UK
Sebastian Meyen, Software & Support Media GmbH
Liat Palace, Kenzan
Julia Wester, 55 Degrees AB

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