• Hauke Brammer

    MLOps: Continuous Delivery of Machine Learning Systems

    Hauke Brammer (finpair GmbH)
    Zamira Jaupaj

    Provision EKS cluster with CDK and deploy an application to this cluster using AWS tools

    Zamira Jaupaj (Mobiquity Inc)
    Helen Beal

    Next Generation DevOps: Value Stream Management

    Helen Beal (DevOps Institute.)
    Liat Palace

    Apply Genetic Engineering to your Organization Culture

    Liat Palace (Kenzan)
    Prof. Rob Richardson

    At The Helm of Kubernetes: Repeatable Infrastructure Creation for Mere Mortals

    Prof. Rob Richardson (@rob_rich)
    Sheen Brisals

    How to Grow Your Serverless Team

    Sheen Brisals (The LEGO Group)