• Kamesh Sampath

    Cloud (K)native Applications – an Introduction to Serverless with Knative

    Kamesh Sampath (Red Hat India Pvt Ltd)
    Arun Kumar Singh

    Workflow Engines: Our Journey towards a self-healing Infrastructure

    Arun Kumar Singh (Adobe Systems)
    Jorge Marin

    Dockerdev – a disposable remote development environment

    Jorge Marin (Dyson)
    Sheen Brisals

    Serverless Patterns made simple with real-world Use Cases

    Sheen Brisals (LEGO)
    Elizabeth Carretto

    Stop Playing Detective – Use Observability to Tell a Better Story

    Elizabeth Carretto (Netflix)
    Nir Koren

    Soothing the Pain: Easier CI/CD in a Kubernetes Microservices Environment

    Nir Koren (LivePerson)