• David Krupa
    Matt Shaver

    How a small business brings DevSecOps to the Federal Government

    David Krupa (BrainGu)
    Matt Shaver (BrainGu)
    Mohan Atreya

    Automating Deployments Using Open Source GitOps

    Mohan Atreya (Rafay Systems)
    Dave McAllister

    Adding OpenTelemetry to Production Apps: Lessons Learned

    Dave McAllister (nginx)
    Rob Richardson

    Level-up your DevOps with GitHub Actions and Kubernetes

    Rob Richardson (Jetpack)
    Michael Dowden

    Code Automation with Bitbucket

    Michael Dowden (Andromeda Galactic Solutions)
    Nir Koren

    CI/CD Workshop: from Zero to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

    Nir Koren (SAP)