• Erkan Yanar

    Cluster-API: One Kubernetes to rule them all (+ArgoCD)

    Erkan Yanar (linsenraum.de)
    Arushi Jain

    Spot the Anti-Pattern

    Arushi Jain (Reddit)
    Oz Tiram

    CI/CD Workshop: Deploying Continuously with CI/CD Pipelines & Kubernetes

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    Anne Oikarinen

    What Star Wars Taught Me About Secure System Design

    Anne Oikarinen (Nixu Corporation)
    Michael Hofmann

    Service Mesh Workshop: Create, Manage and Test a Java Service Mesh with Istio

    Michael Hofmann (Hofmann IT-Consulting)
    Christian Schneider

    Agile Threat Modeling the DevSecOps Way

    Christian Schneider (Schneider IT-Security)