The Go Day

If you are working in the tech industry and DevOps is your passion, then you have probably met the Gopher. This cute little guy is the mascot of Google’s programming language “Go”. Golang, as it is called, is not just a programming language that is used by Google internally, it has become THE most important coding language for DevOps tools as well: Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Helm, Grafana, Istio, Jaeger… all those neat and helpful tools are written in Go. Our Go Day honors the importance of the language and our experts give an insight in what you can do with Go, and how the Gopher helps you with your day to day work in a DevOps environment.

Go Web Development 101
Jan Stamer

HTTP/2, full json support and a great networking stack, all that is part of Go’s standard library. Just like everything else you need for a smashing web application. You can run your Go application on AWS Lambda, any operating system or in your browser with WebAssembly thanks to Go’s extreme portability. You will learn the basics of web development with Go very hands on and with just the standard library of Go. Along the way we will touch essential tooling and dev setup. By then building a REST API or simple server rendered frontend is a piece of cake. And let us not forget to properly test the bastard, before putting it out in the wild.

Distributed Apps mit RESTful APIs or gRPC
Frank Müller

Die Software heute arbeitet zunehmend verteilt. Microservices kommunizieren untereinander, Web Frontends kommunizieren mit ihren Servern, ihre Laufzeiten bestehen aus Containern, aus Kubernetes und aus der Cloud. Die für ihre Zusammenarbeit gerne genutzten RESTful APIs lassen sich zum Glück leicht in Go realisieren. Hierfür genügt bereits die Standardbibliothek mit ein, zwei eigenen Packages. Das wie wird hier gezeigt. Doch auch ein Nachfolger findet seinen Weg in die Projekte: gRPC. Wie für andere Sprachen gibt es auch für Go eine gute Unterstützung. Im zweiten Teil des Talks werden ihre Nutzung und der Unterschied zu RESTful APIs vorgestellt.

Go Workshop: Exploring Go for Microservices
Rainer Stropek

The programming language Go is growing in popularity. It promises microservices with a small footprint while still offering high developer productivity. This workshop is for developers who wonder whether they should consider Go for their next microservices project. Instead of showing slides, Rainer Stropek demonstrates the capabilities of Go by developing an end-to-end web API example. You will hear about the principles of the programming language, see router, data access, etc. in action, learn how to package the web API into an efficient Docker container, and see how we can run the container in the cloud. Rainer does not expect any deep prior knowledge of Go on your side. His workshop should raise interest and provide enough information so you can decide whether you want to dive deeper into the Go universe.


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