Observability & Monitoring

Native cloud applications typically consist of a number of autonomous (micro)services that communicate with each other via interfaces. While the complexity of the services aims to be low, there are new challenges for the overall system architecture. Specifically, there is a need for innovative solutions for cross aspects like dependency management, monitoring, and logging in order to guarantee the frictionless orchestration of the different service components.

The Observability & Monitoring track is all about the complexity of microservices applications. Its scope ranges from performance analytics, profiling, and monitoring, to log management for Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes & co.

Global Track Program


Track Speakers DevOpsCon New York 2024

Track Speakers DevOpsCon Berlin 2024

Track Speakers DevOpsCon San Diego 2024

Track Speakers DevOpsCon Singapore 2022

We are working on our program. By now there are no sessions for Observability & Diagnostics. Please check out our other program of DevOpsCon Singapore here.

Track Program DevOpsCon San Diego 2024

Track Program DevOpsCon Singapore 2022

Track Program DevOpsCon Berlin 2024

Track Program DevOpsCon London 2024

Track Program DevOpsCon New York 2024

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Track Sessions London 2024

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