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Magazine #9

This Magazine invites you to embark on a journey into the world of Observability alongside our experts.

Magazine #8

This whitepaper invites you to embark on a journey into the world of Kubernetes alongside our experts.

Magazine #7
In this issue of DevOps Magazine, we show how you can achieve a good Dev(Ops) Experience for your cloud projects.

Magazine #6
In this issue of DevOps Magazine, you’ll learn about how to bring security into the forefront of DevOps lifecycles.

Magazine #5
To give more insight into what SCRUM can do for developers and what is necessary to implement it, Rouven Haban explains the framework from its basics to checking if its implementation was successful.

Magazine #4
As one of the most famous agile frameworks, it is known by many, but most probably mastered by only a few.

Agents of DevOps Cheat Sheet Part II
Superpower yourself with the brand new Agents of DevOps by your side! Cpt. Marvellous, Samuel L. as a Service, Doctor Serverless, Container Raccoon, Siloki, Groanin’ the Accuser, Observision and more!

DevOps Magazine #3
16 brilliant articles are waiting for you — including application metrics with D&D, a triple feature about agile best practices, a deep dive into multicloud with AWS Lambda, the MLOps lifecycle and many more.

Agents of DevOps Cheat Sheet 2020
Superpower yourself with the Agents of DevOps by your side! CPT. Automata, Scrum-Lord, Monolith Smasher, Thundor-God of Cloud Computing and more!

DevOpsMagazine #2
14 articles on the stack of Artificial Intelligence in the landscape of DevOps. 

DevOpsMagazine #1
Experts knowledge about the current and future state of CI/CD

Cheat Sheet 2020
Principles & Practices of
SRE: Site Reliability
Management in a nutshell

Whitepaper 2019
The State of DevOps:
A retrospective and a
look at cutting edge technologies

Cheat Sheet 2019
Don’t get lost in the service
mesh with this collection of
best practices based on Istio

Whitepaper 2019
Ten years of DevOps:
How to survive in the
Cloud-native world

Cheat Sheet 2018
ALL you need to know about istio:
Handling massive microservice
architectures? No problem with Istio!

Whitepaper 2018
The age of containers is
upon us: All you need to know
about Docker and Kubernetes