DevOps Experience Day

The Developer Experience Day

The more you automate for Cloud Native development, the more tools and processes you have to consider, the more configurations there are to make, and the more well-defined procedures you have to follow. Isn’t automation supposed to make things simpler?

For now, cloud native makes everything more complicated for developers. In fact, many organizations are struggling to deliver on their promise of making software development and operations easier and more efficient through cloud native automation.

The good news: There are some key lessons to be learned to avoid falling into the complexity trap and achieve significant productivity gains through cloud native. Experts from DevOpsCon’s “Developer Experience Day” will show you how and give you valuable insights. And as always, you can discuss your individual questions with them.


We are still working on the program of the DevOpsCon Experience Day 2023 in London, please stay tuned!


@jpaulreed and @markusandrezak do a cool trick of merging workshops to bring even more value to attendees. It worked really well! @devops_con #devops

— Hades Architect (@HadesArchitect) May 31, 2018

DevOps Transformation Day with @jpaulreed! A comprehensive overview of the complex, encompassing DevOps landscape; hands-on exercises to rethink organization’s challenges through DevOps lens & tools to kick-start DevOps adoption. #DevOpsCon18

— Devops Con (@devops_con) 28. Mai 2018

The dirty secret about “DevOps culture”

Interview with Paul Reed:

DevOps has gone through many phases so far but its transformation is not yet completed. DevOpsCon speaker Paul Reed tells us that many companies have embraced DevOps and, if we look closely enough, we will discover that we can apply aspects from humanity’s other “operational” efforts to DevOps.

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Experience Day 2022 Program in London

Program of the Developer Experience Day 2024 in Berlin

Program of the Transformation Day 2022 in New York

At the moment we are working on this part of the program. You can visit here the new program of theDevOpsCon New York 2022.


Stay tuned:

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