In our third issue of DevOps Magazine we can’t avoid the topic of COVID-19 which is why among the brilliant 16 articles we have waiting for you — you will also find a triple feature about agile best practices during the pandemic. In this issue you will also find: Why agile teams are the drivers of digital transformation, a deep dive into multicloud with AWS Lambda, the MLOps lifecycle, look at extended detection and response (or XDR) security and a K8ssandra feature on moving to cloud-native applications and data with Kubernetes and Apache Cassandra.

Finally, we have our cover feature: Exploring application metrics with D&D. If you’ve ever wondered what a pen-and-paper RPG might have in common with application metrics and frameworks like Quarkus or Micrometer, then we really have a treat for you. So what are you waiting for — brace yourself and roll initiative!

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Magazine content

  • Agile in the Age of Pandemic: Best Practices
    • Part 1: Launching an Agile Program with a Remote by Design Approach
    • Part 2: Running an Agile Program in Your Organization
    • Part 3: The Outcomes and Iterations of Agile
  • 2020 PoC in Tech Report: “Diverse teams produce better results”
  • DevOps Has Been Shifting Left for Years. Can Your Coding Shift Left, too?
  • Why Agile Teams Drive Digital Transformation
  • With AWS Lambda to Multicloud
  • Understanding the MLOps Lifecycle
  • “AIOps will play a key role in enhancing the security of IT infrastructure”
  • Cloud-Native Applications and Data with Kubernetes and Apache Cassandra
  • 8 Common Microservices Performance Problems (and How to Solve Them)
  • Exploring Application Metrics with Dungeons & Dragons
  • Developers, Data and Observability – What are the Unintended Consequences?
  • XDR: The Next Generation of Endpoint Security