DevOps Winter


What’s the status quo of DevOps? What about current trends like service meshes? And what does the future of Continuous Delivery look like? In our most comprehensive whitepaper to date, for the DevOps Conference, 17 DevOps experts answer these questions. From Kubernetes to Istio and Knative, to agile software development and best practices for the implementation of DevOps in the cloud era – with this whitepaper you will be well prepared for the future of development and digital transformation.

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Whitepaper Content

    • The state of DevOps

    • Agile structured: From User Story to Planning Poker to Code

    • 10 Best Practices For Using DevOps In The Cloud

    • Knative

    • K8s FaaS

    • Multiple stages within a Kubernetes cluster

    • Ansible Tutorial: Multi-tier Deployment with Ansible

    • Agile Database Development Best Practices

    • The secret to DevOps secrets management

    • Quickly develop secure applications

    • Do We Need a Service Mesh?

    • UX/UI

    • Blockchain and DevOps: How they make a better pair

    • You can’t see a black swan without AIOp