Devopscon Spring 2018

DevOps Transformation Day: Everything you need to succeed [SOLD OUT]

Workshop: Using Kubernetes [SOLD OUT]

Workshop: From Zero to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery [SOLD OUT]

Collaborative Problem Solving for DevOps

Workshop: Winning at DevOps with Kanban [SOLD OUT]

WebGoat-Workshop: Teaching Application Security 101

Welcome Keynote and Conference Opening

Observability for emerging Infra: what got you here won't get you there

100 Ideas to bring DevOps into an Organization

Kubernetes Patterns

Es muss nicht gleich Docker sein – IT Automation, die zu einem passt

A Software Architect's View on digital Product Design

Eat your own Dogfood: Design of a CD Platform from the Point of View of a Software Architect

Seven Ways to turn DevOps into ChatOps

DevOps for the Automotive Industry

Need for Speed - Challenges on the Transformation Journey of an IT Service Provider becoming a DevOps Company

Kubernetes-Architektur 101

Microservice Authentication and Authorization

Finding Metrics that matter and using them safely

Conflicting Priorities: How to visualise Impacts to your DevOps Implementation

Implementing CI/CD on strategic scale - a continuous journey

From simple to enterprise level - the evolution of delivery pipelines due to microservices and hybrid environments

The Kubernetes Evolution and a Use Case with Questback

Become a Cloud-Native: Java Development in the Age of the Whale

Kubernetes Security: from Image Hygiene to Network Policies

Continuous Integration with Jenkins and OpenShift – Stories of BI X

Using terraform in the context of AWS multi-account setups

Canary and Blue/Green Continuous Delivery of Cloud Application

Puppet and the Road to Pervasive Automation

Sustain DevOps Culture

Infrastructure as Code: Build Pipelines with Docker and Terraform

The Science of Culture Change

Kube-Node: Let your Kubernetes Cluster auto-manage its Nodes

Tear down this Wall! – Overcoming Collaboration Obstacles on your DevOps Journey

DevOps in der Datenbankanwendungsentwicklung

Ways out of Confusion in Scaling, Centralization and Generalisation

Solving the Kube with Rubiks

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery for Microservices: Rule them all

Monitoring the Unknown

Container-native Entwicklung und Deployment

DevOps Maturity: What does “Good” look like?

The Five dirty Words of CI

Centralizing Container and Kubernetes Operations

Use DevOps to identify, embrace, and drive exponential Change

CI/CD in a Serverless World

Live Coding: A Serverless Platform in 100 Lines

Prometheus for Devs

Running Databases in Docker at Scale


opendevstack: Trying out before theorizing

„Wie DevSecOps sind Sie schon? Oder: Wie misst man DevSecOps?“

AppSec at the Speed of DevOps in the Age of Open Source

Working up the Hierarchy of Service Reliability

Hands-on: LinuxKit und K8s

From Oops to NoOps

5 Top Tips for Monitoring Complex Environments

DevSecOps: Security automation using Istio service mesh

DevOps – Value at Speed

Production ready Kubernetes, easy as beatmaking!

Beyond Cloud: A road trip into AWS and back to bare metal

Do not press that Button: Operational Challenges of relational Databases on the Cloud

The Reality of using Containers to build Products

Whispers in the Chaos: Monitoring Weak Signals

Enable agility through Automation

Atomic Bonds: openSUSE Kubic & SUSE CaaSP

Closing Panel and Conference Wrap up

WebGoat-Workshop: Teaching Application Security 101 [SOLD OUT]

Collaborative Problem Solving for DevOps [SOLD OUT]

Introduction to HashiCorp Vault [SOLD OUT]

Workshop: From Zero to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery [SOLD OUT]

DevOps Transformation Day, Part II: Digging Into Your DevOps Initiative [SOLD OUT]