SysAdmin to SRE

creating Capacity to make tomorrow better than today

SysAdmin to SRE: creating Capacity to make tomorrow better than today

DevOps has achieved widespread success. However, that success has been uneven for those who work in Operations. In most enterprises today, it is not uncommon for engineers who come anywhere near Operations to find themselves buried in interruptions, tickets, and repetitive work. Then along comes a new way of working and a new role called Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). In his DevOpsCon 2019 session, Damon Edwards explains what SRE is all about and how it makes the work of Operations and Systems Administration easier.

SRE seems too good to be true: SREs are doing what systems administrators used to do, but are able to spend most of their time doing engineering work that adds enduring value to their company. How is so little of these SREs’ time being wasted on the interruptions, repetitive work, and drudgery that consumes so much of our time? And how do they do this with the same or less headcount? In his talk, Damon takes a close look at what SRE is, what SRE isn’t, and how to move to an SRE style of working. He breaks down the principles behind the SRE movement and highlights where SRE departs from the current conventional wisdom of Operations and Systems Administration work.


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