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Let Microservices Communicate Cleanly With CQRS and Event Sourcing

Distributed systems are complicated. Any software architecture who has ever built a distributed system rarely denies this. But the question arises: how complicated are these systems? Many programmers and those responsible in companies have an exaggerated fear of them. After all, all computer programs are complicated, or they become so over time, even if fans of low-code ideas might sometimes dispute this. This article is not about whether distributed systems should be avoided in general (certainly not!), but about why they become complicated and how you can avoid this.

How Agility helps you help yourself

The world has become more complicated, and not just since the onset of the pandemic. Simultaneously, increasing complexity requires a more flexible approach to projects, specifically in the development and IT fields. The notion of agile development is not new. It offers an opportunity to better position oneself to transition from reactivity back to proactivity, especially during turbulent times. Scrum in particular continues to prove itself as a crisis-proof companion.

Developed by humans for humans

“We create the UX designs and then that can be developed” – surely, we’ve all heard this or something similar at least once, or perhaps you were the one who said it. In interdisciplinary teams, in which the words “user experience” falls, it is commonly the case that one or several people will feel solely responsible for this issue – the rest of the team is there to take care of implementation. But does User Experience not mean creating a holistic solution for the user – the human being? If so, why is it that we do not feel responsible for it as a team?

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