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Kubernetes, Cloud, & Security

Kubernetes is a cloud-native technology and can be comfortably combined with other cloud services. Besides the classic self-managed variant, managed Kubernetes services like AWS EKS, Google GKE, or Azure AKS also shine due to their simple deployment and management and are enjoying increasing acceptance. However, this symbiosis also comes with some security risks that are often severely underestimated due to the isolated view of Kubernetes and the embedded cloud context.

Common Cloud Migration Pain Points and How to Tackle Them

This article discusses the challenges and pain points that may arise when migrating a legacy software application to the cloud from the ground up. I had the pleasure of being a part of such an adventure two years ago. The goal was to run a successful proof of concept by migrating a nearly thirty-year-old software application (along with additional services) to Azure and demonstrating its operational performance. It was a journey filled with pitfalls, despair, and new discoveries every day. In retrospect, it was a very instructive experience that you most likely don't want to miss out on in your life.

Database as a service roundup: AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud

Today’s data landscape is overflowing with complex and sophisticated architectures, which can help you dynamically customize your digital ecosystem according to your project requirements and needs. Unfortunately, managing complex cloud architectures can be a difficult task, especially if you are trained to use one cloud vendor and not any of the others. Database as a Service (DBaaS) offerings can help you fill this gap. DBaaS models provide cloud users with managed database offerings. This article reviews DBaaS models offered by the top three cloud vendors—AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

SysAdmin to SRE: creating Capacity to make tomorrow better than today

DevOps has achieved widespread success. However, that success has been uneven for those who work in Operations. In most enterprises today, it is not uncommon for engineers who come anywhere near Operations to find themselves buried in interruptions, tickets, and repetitive work. Then along comes a new way of working and a new role called Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). In his DevOpsCon 2019 session, Damon Edwards explains what SRE is all about and how it makes the work of Operations and Systems Administration easier.

Public Cloud – Interview with Bernd Rederlechner

While in the past the public cloud was seen more as a target for hackers, it is now increasingly gaining momentum. We talked to Bernd Rederlechner, Lead Architect of PU Digital Solutions at T-Systems, about the benefits of the public cloud and how severe the security risks really are today. In our interview, he also explains how automation can help companies to remain independent.

Go 1.11: What the new modules in Go are all about

Go packages don't have versions or dependencies. At least, not yet. With Go 1.11 and its experimental support for versioned Go modules, this is changing. Go 1.11 brings native support for versions and modules in Go as a fixed component to the Go toolchain. The modules are meant to replace community solutions such as dep or glide and create a new uniform solution. But does that really work? We take closer look in this article by Jan Stamer.

The automation of the cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a huge portfolio of services and products that can be combined to work with one another. Bruns Michael explains how it is possible for developers to just click through this infrastructure using a colorful web UI and the possibility of automation, versioning and replication.

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