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Finding Metrics that matter and using them safely

Finding Metrics that matter and using them safely

Data-driven decision-making is a goal of most leaders today. Unfortunately, between the overwhelming amounts of data available to us and the ease of falling prey to misleading vanity metrics, how to begin this journey can feel extremely elusive. In this talk from DevOpsCon 2018 Julia Wester, co-founder and Principal Consultant at Lagom Solutions, discusses ways to map your metrics back to your desired goals and a better understanding of metrics safety. This is the first step for setting the stage for smart, data-driven decision-making.

How do we know what’s important enough to measure? How do we get a holistic picture of organizational health? How do we ensure that our metrics help us more than they hurt us? There are many important questions to consider before doubling down on your inventory of metrics, says Julia Wester.

This interactive presentation will help you ensure you:

  • can map your metrics back to your desired goals.
  • have a balanced set of metrics to provide a holistic picture of health.
  • have calculated the gaming potential of your metrics to ensure the value outweighs the risk.

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