DevOpsCon June 2017

Here you can find the program from the DevOpsCon in June 2017. Our current program you can find here.

DevOps Transformation Day: Everything you need to succeed (sold out)

Deploying and scaling containerized Microservices with Docker and Swarm (sold out)

Web Hacking: Pentesting and attacking Web Apps (sold out)

Machine Learning for DevOps using Python

Reception and Opening

Crossing the River by feeling the Stones

Challenges in Release Management for complex and highly regulated Environments

Security Professional’s Toolbox: Semi-automated Pentesting with Open Source Tools

Distributed Named Pipes and other inter-services Communication

The Art of A/B Testing

Data Management @ DevOps – ein neues Konzept für Storage in der DevOps-Cloud

Innovation: Myths and Opportunities

Application Load Testing with Open Source and the Cloud

Hands-on Docker Security (Container in sicherer)

How to build your Infrastructure for DevOps

From Zero to DevOps: the Camunda Journey

Corporate Democracy: stay innovative, be real and adapt

Don’t crash the Sandmann – continuously build, test and deploy on OTC

Enabling Agility at Scale for the heavily regulated

Continuous Delivery with Jenkins in the real World

Data Science – The new Troublemaker in the Delivery Pipeline

Use the Source or join the Dark Side: The Differences between Docker Community and Enterprise Edition

Startup Hurricane

Produktions-IT und Container – ein ungleiches Paar?

Beyond OCD: Transforming your Agency's Delivery Pipeline with orchestrated, consistent, and deterministic Deployment

Continuous Delivery with Containers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Rolling out Enterprise Kubernetes Clouds at SAP

Git – how to unfuck

Innovation Inside-out: Transforming a large Company is PAINFUL

DevOps im Konzern – Entwicklung von unten anstoßen

“Breeding Cattle needs a Farm” - Nutanix, a turnkey Infrastructure with Built-in Automation

Deliver Docker Containers continuously with ECS

Security Tips to run Docker in Production

Wie ein Elefant hilft, Continuous Delivery an Anwender und Partner zu liefern

A world travel in Innovation: Shenzhen – IoT going rogue

Predictive Analytics oder "IoT zum Dessert"

Dependency Hell, Monorepos and beyond

Accept the Enterprises Challenge for DevOps

Empowering the People driving DevOps

Monitoring and Log Management for Docker, Swarm and Kubernetes

Docker Container Loading

Betting on Go

The Need for Speed

Top 10 Barriers to DevOps Adoption – and how to overcome them

How and why to design your Teams for modern Software Systems

Docker opens the Doors for IoT

Infrastructure = Codeautomatisierung in der Cloud mit Azure Resource Manager (ARM)

DevOps – Dev first, Ops last?

Build and run Enterprise DevOps Environments like a Rock Star

Deployment and Release Automation in highly regulated large Enterprises (HRLE)

Failure as "Success": the Mindset, the Methods, and the Landmines

Developer targeted Performance Analytics – Supporting Software Development Decisions with Runtime Information

The State of Serverless

Hands-on Docker Swarm Mode (Cluster für Docker)

Project Management: from Stone Age to DevOps

Building flexible Cloud Environments with Infrastructure as Code in the Deployment Process

Volkswagen Financial Services go serverless – A Tale of Lazy Developers on their Path to Ultimate Happiness

DevOps is all about Behavior! Applying behavioral Science and Instruments in DevOps Transformations

Profiling is for Dev, Monitoring is for Ops – no more!

The Rise of Polyglot at Netflix

Organisation Design for effective Software Systems (sold out)

Kubernetes Kickstart (sold out)

Web Hacking: Pentesting and attacking Web Apps (sold out)

Docker-Image-Bau (sold out)